Dreams of Flying

1. I flew into heaven and as I entered the last cloud, I turned basically like Superman does when looking around in a slow motion movement,as I stop in mid air maybe 100 ft off the ground, from my viewing left to right as I gazed miles of houses or mansions but there were so many trees that the roofs could barely BE seen, in the middle I see a field so big it was like a city size soccer field, and to my right I seen a very nice v shape pointing out top roof angle design to the building. Then I woke up.

2.Seem to be the same building from above I was walking outside with someone in a unique outfit,new space age but not to dramatic,just different, he was black I think and as we walk towards the door it was like a 3 sec maze to get to the door. Just a zig through the building poles probably,the door looked normal.as we entered the place look nice like a school would look, no decorations just curved shape hall way and the walls were light gray.

3.So I found my self in my grandma's backyard,I knew I was in the dream and there were like 3 to 4 kids playing, and I went to a tree clothes to them and there was a swing and they were swinging on it and just being kids.
        Then I think I said believe in God and be good and read the Bible, then I said do you guys wanna learn to fly, so I was under a tree and I walked out from under it. And I hovered for a sec, then I said look, then I took off too Hawaii I guess, when I landed, got there in like three seconds,when I got there ,there was this woman standing there in the distance,she walked towards me.

4.There were two times I flew from my grandma's front porch and if I'm not mistaken, there were two times with beams that met each other around the drive way, Both times I walked out and flew from in-between them.
Here is the beginning of one of those dreams,..
       I was talking to my mom and I was peting a cat and she walked away, then I went to her room she was in a bed,right when I knew I was dreaming while sitting next to her on the bed, I got up went to the door,walked in-between the beams and took off,I flew to heaven and seen a city under me with clouds then I landed somewhere, I walked around the walls were curved, but everything was white,I seen a room with antiques and mirrors, as I looked into each mirror my face kept changing into like a alien, then I walked, I was walking around looking at stuff, and  then I flew into a curved hall way then seen a game room,again everything is white but the arcade games, just like here it was a wall that had them and a middle row ,in the front I seen little kids playing on what looked like a motor cycle game, and I walked up and looked at them, and a little person came to me and I followed him, then I asked him when we got to a room where we were laying down and woman doing something to us. And we were talking, I asked him where is God at?, he said there was a earth quake,I said where is Jesus at, at this time I didn't know the real name. So we got up and he took me to a room,
looked like the inside buildings of the movies of Bible movies, and I walked in, it was nice but old, so I walked to the window a white curtain hanged onlu revealing a angel of outside,I seen just the corner of a view ,just half of his body,mostly his bottom half....

Time stopped it seemed like when I looked at him,the clothing was horrible old like I've never seen material and as it waved in the wind,it seem to be as the robes they used in the old times,it was pitch black, there were many little holes in the corner piece flapping in the air, the hole sizes varied,but the clothing was all beat up and raggedy looking,I looked to my right I seen a man from the corner of my eye, had a mini beard, hair like shaggy dark brown, no longer then the shoulders, wearing a purple robe,the clothes they wore then.and I guess at the end of the room from my right was a door that lead outside , because he casually walked out it,he didn't seem to be looking at me as he passed but just look like he was going out side.
   Right as he left the room the small person came to me and said ok, then the window became a door, and right where my eyes were set a few seconds ago, a perfect circle of grayish bricks circled where she stood, yupp and many little kids gathered around. Look like midgets to be honest,all of them, then I looked again at her? So I walked up, she looked around 18 year old and a slim white chipmunk face and pink hair and pink and white strip nylon and a pink blouse and mini pig tails.
,so I walk up to her,and I ask her are you Jesus Christ,she was talking fast like she was murdering something,I asked again,agin I asked and no respone and again I asked, then she said in a girly way, I'm a punk rocker.

Crazy thing is, I seen Madonna wearing the same exact thing basically,she was on a mini bike, she fell off the bike,when I seen this, my heart skipped a beat, It was like the devil was like...

Hey Rember Me!?   
I don't think I've ever been so shocked and scared In my life,You can YouTube it...... I believe it was the devil showing off!

I'm gonna mix this one up with some dreams.js.m Ake it interesting.skme were only like 3 to 10 seconds
3.i forgot the beginning but I rember I was leaving my grandma's house  and I seen the beams again ,so I walked in-between them and took off, I seen as I left the world the clouds were as of angels wings all of them and as I left the earth ,there was like a jello coating clear of some kind?
.4.i flew to space, there was like a park for traveling angels, it was big everything but just like 3 things there, nothing major just looked like a settling place . No games or toys, more just structures, I landed there and found a backpack, I looked a lil ways and on a structure was a guy, I think he knew how to fly.
In that dream I found my self going though a planet of a maze. I think I broke out by blowing up the wall.
5.i flew and I sat at a chair and it was nice like a lil place to eat in the sky,
6.i flew to space.
7.i  flew with my mom,k kinda took her up to a bean stock. We were jumping on the leaves.
8.i flew and seen the bull sculpture in heaven, you can tell where I was, once was a big marovles place, in a door was a bull sculpture, the whole building was broken apart, like the big building, but the material were Maribel.
9.i flew across the sea.
10.i flew to heaven, there was a snow village, I got on a mountain and asked where is God?

11.I flew to space and I seen a door and I approached it regularly teenagers from all races dressed normal, I went and ,there was a lil walk stair and door. In the middle of space.i entered.

12.i flew to space and there were mountains of grass, I seen a castles the wall was of a capital A formation of the walls of the Kingdom, as I got close I seen 2 lil white light's, like fire fly's but pure white, I followed them, for a while.

13.i was like in China ,and I couldn't get out so I flew through the wall.

14.there was a woman a her daughter, as they came out of some apartment ,it was night time and I called them to me, and I grabbed there hands and we went into the middle of the street and we flew like 100 ft then back then did the same thing with a man and woman but when we got there I try to fly with them up.so we were next to a tree, and I flew my fastest,then I look to my left,and I see the top of the tree I was just standing by. No taller then 15 ft. Then we land and I take them back.

16. I was in a mall, a circled design of gaps between with walling and I was holdings 2 peoples hands, and we all connected to circle the wall,it was a chain,and we all started floating,some before me.

17.i was on a bus, I knew I was then I open the front door, and flew as the bus was driving, I flew playing with it and out of no where it took off .... I don't think I could fly that fast... Lol..

18.i was in a car then I said stop. Then got out and flew up 

19.i flew to heaven, I met Gabriel the angle, and he took my to a hall way big as you can think. White everything, he was like 8 ft, as we were walking, I was being my dorky side like usually, I was like, oh who are you, are you an angel, what's your name?, then he looks at me like the terminator, Gabriel, I was like ok? Then he opens this big door and climbs up bags,im still talking rambling on about idk what I forgot, he throws or hands me like 3 bags. Then were walking out ,  idk who was hold the 3 bags as we were walking to where we came from.then he gives me the bags and I say thanks and bye, then fly off carrying the bags looking down, so in my mind I'm like ,I think I'd fly faster and better without these bags, I'm flying over a city in heaven, so I dropped them .

20.i flew to heaven, I kept asking people that were on ledges eating ,if they knew were God was or heaven,i told them my name. I don't really recall.then I flew like 30 seconds worth my fastest. Upward a gray brick building,as I got to the top, I had to use my hands and body to climb the ledge?, Then right as I stood up a angel I think, said I appoint you here, there was a lil beige and it took no more then 40 steps to reach him,as he pointed to the place witch was right next to him, it glowed like yellow in a perfect circle, he looked tall, white and white clothing, and the back was like a haze of gas fumes , you could hardly see clearly, like looking through a fire, as I got there,we began to walk and he asked me what do you teach you kids, I said proudly I teach them about the Bible and God, and he asked me again what do you teach woman .​


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