Jesus/Yahushua prophesied of the word would be tampered with

In The Gospel of the Holy Twelve Jesus / Yahushua prophesied of the changing of his teachings and seems to praise Our Parent in heaven for it, maybe this is the reason Jesus/Yahushua says to ''search for the truth for the truth will set you free''.


seems to me that Yahushua is saying in the future his teachings will be corrupted by men and women sad it be that day ,Jesus praised our Father and Mother in Heaven and for in these things done they are hidden of the truth,,

because of the corruption his word would be hidden by corruption and Jesus/ Yahushua praised the Parent in Heaven for the Mystery .


Gospel of The Holy Twelve

12 Woe is the time when the spirit of the world shall enter into the Church, and my doctrines and precepts shall be made void through the corruptions of men and women.

Woe to the world when the corruptions of men and of women.

Woe to the world when the light is hidden.

Woe to the world when these things shall be.

13 At that time Jesu/Yahushua lifted up his voice and said ,

I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven, and earth, that through these things are hidden from the wise and earth, that through these things are from the wise and the prudent, they are nevertheless revealed unto babes.


Possibility teachings hidden to few chosen to understand

1. Trinity: Father, Mother, Son - Yahuuah, Sophia, Jesus/Yahushua

2. Daughter Sophia

3. Vegan life diet of no flesh eating of kind "requirement"

4. Your are to remain single, the body is your body, the temple is you, the temple is where the Father, Mother and Son reside in you but only if you are pure and not sinning and you stop being of the world and and be a disciple and that means to preach even women, they are called ''priestesses'',

4. celibate/single life indefinitely requirement

5. teach other as the disciples did requirement.

6. Being baptize when to understanding and answering to questions of the acceptance of Jesus/ Yahushua as your Lord and Savior.

7. Saturday being the real Sabbath

8. The teachings of the Bridegroom and the Bride / Yu and the oppOSITE sex you in spirit form and Sophia is male and Jesus / Yahushua if female, the Mother Spirit combines the too, it is a five fold house and their inside is the Father,Mother,Son,Bridegroom,Bride/Spouse-Choosing of excepting ones self worth, as if one to bring to a Dinner, the wedding feast?


Priestesses of The Roman Empire:

*Aconia Fabia Paulina

*Carminia Ammia


*Lalla of Arneae

*Aurelia Paulina

*Plancia Magna

*Appla Annia Regilla

*Sacerdos Bonae Deae

*Sacerdos Cereris


In the Secret Gospel of Mary it says something about in the new covenant women are to gather to with the men in being a disciple to my understanding. women are to do works in the fields for they to must gain their own salvation, it is not if The Lord knows your heart or if you believed in a lie to do wrongs being self willed by not seeking for the truth, and we to harvest with the Mother Spirit in the Gathering of all did not care to under stand or to be about or do research to become understanding for one self of truth..

On Judgment day we are to stand and be judged , so we must do good works, I the Secret Gospel of Mary is says something about to be free set others free.

Women are to Preach or be a disciple evangelist and also to obey the 11 commandments and to not be married for women to must acquire the male spirit to as Mary Magdalene as to be done in The Gospel of Thomas 114 , teaching of your neither male nor female.

Matthew 12:30

He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.


Matthew 12:30 is saying if the people Most likely all of us, considering theirs a saying that the Jews and Gentiles that are to get same teaching and the Jews will eat their defiled bread, the bread they corrupted- the teachings, this in sense is referring to reincarnation, I know it seems strange but it does talk about In the Gospel of The Holy Twelve it talks about do not wait to discover the mysterious for your not in a sense promised you'd find it in the next life time,

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