My summary of the Prophecy storyline

Updated: Feb 5

Prophecy storyline

My understanding of the Bible in the books is a narrative of many types of storylines such as direct communication words from our father in Heaven to the prophets, some prophecies are in a time span till the end with a punishment of hidden word and later the true teachings will come out, there might be a connection to these times we're living in now and the five books wouldn't be a bad fit for overcoming the last stance probably as a resolution and we have the five books.

Which are real books we should be reading there is a prophecy of stumbling block and a hiding of the word a hidden understanding and revealing to ones understanding there's history of Mary Magdalene and Didymus Thomas who went out to to preach.

Mary Magdalena went to France and there's a rich history about her from the Cathars, two churches dedicated to her , claiming to have her skeleton remains both saying they have the real remains, they celebrate her , Didymus Thomas also who went to India they also say that he built seven churches and he done Miracles their and they have his right arm skeleton both are acknowledge as someone special with great honor.

if this is true why would have Paul said that disciples were to preach to Jews and he was supposed to preach the Gentiles this automatically will prove that Paul lied, if that's the case that would mean that basically everything Paul wrote and those who are affiliated with him ,their books will no longer be acceptable in the bible, who brought in Paul's book's, the Catholic Church, just because they made are bible doesn't mean it's right or worthy , we must find the truth from the bit of information we have, it's scattered out through the bible and history and now dreams.

The Truth is Coming Out

End Times. Understand

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