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Who would have thought that the Bible would be more than it seems for many people the Bible are stories that are put together.

But there's actually prophesied that there will be a hidden word we can actually see this in the parable of the wedding feast where the first time they were too busy and a second time it was for anybody .

I'll try to explain it the first time was the Jews but because they didn't obey the second time is for the Gentiles so that some could attend the wedding feast - "Heaven".

The Jews most likely went bonkers when they heard this Parable knowing it was about they were left out of a chance to go to heaven this is why they most likely sabotage the word.

Even our savior praise our father in Heaven thanking him that the word Mysteries the way to heaven is only revealed to babes and not the wise this is the hidden path and the only way to understand it is by our savior revealing it to us individually picked that is why he said that he chooses and that's why it also says few are chosen.

There's Prophecies of a stumbling block which is most likely Paul there's Prophecies of a hidden word in Amos and also in Daniel at talks about hiding the word until the end days.

And also says and Daniel that the transgressors will continue to transgress but the wise will understand transgress means Breakers of the law and actually it says in the Old Testament that the commandment Covenant is Everlasting that means forever.

If you think about the narrow and the Broadway logically by the estimate of knowledge basically by everybody we all know that Christianity is basically Morley practice and accept it through Paul's teachings which is the Broadway the narrow way is the hidden way ,that only Our Savior Jesus Christ / Yahushua reveals to those that are worthy which it states in the Gospel of Thomas.

So for anybody who believes in Paul you must also understand that our savior said there will be a wolf in sheep's clothing one will come after him and they will listen to him and he also said that Beware of the. leaven- teachings of the Pharisees and scribes and that the Pharisees and scribes have hidden the keys of knowledge when you really take this into consideration and you must be wise as a serpent then you'll have your first steps as a student.

Our Saviour also said who is the wise and faithful servant The master will leave in charge of his household to give the give the other servants their food in due season.

This is without out scripture but I do have a scripture to support these tellings.

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